Our Company


History of Transformation

We develop communities that set new standards for sustainable placemaking and urban vitality

Related California is a fully-integrated real estate firm that has completed over 20,700 residences and currently has more than 4,600 affordable and 7,200 market rate units in pre-development. We have a history of award-winning developments recognized for achievements in design, construction, sustainability and property management.

Talent and Culture

We place a premium on finding and retaining only those individuals who are the very best in their respective fields.  The experience, professionalism and entrepreneurialism of our employees are what make Related California an industry leader.  Most members of our leadership team have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Financial Strength to Deliver

Backed by Related Companies with a portfolio that exceeds $60 billion in developments, Related California has unique access to unparalleled financing, substantial purchasing and negotiating leverage, and preferential relationships with equity and debt providers. Our strong balance sheets and long-term view allows us to weather the market cycles.

Community Partnerships

We approach every development with an eye toward collaboration and innovation.  As lifelong property owners committed to sustainability and stewardship, we form strong public-private partnerships with civic leaders, nonprofit organizations, public officials and neighbors throughout California resulting in inclusive developments that reflect the distinct character of each community.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are a leader in environmentally-conscious real estate development and operations.  Building performance and environmental responsibility are essential attributes in an exceptional development, and evidence of our dedication to excellence.  Our focus on urban and infill development is part of a commitment to smart growth and the environmental benefits of building in urban areas.

Long-Term Operator

Related operates on a ‘build and hold’ business model, which means we invest for the long-term.  We take pride in developing assets that stand the test of time and contribute to their surrounding neighborhoods for generations.

Vertically-Integrated Company

Related is a vertically-integrated company with unique access to in-house professionals experienced in architecture and design, planning and entitlements, finance, construction and property management.  We approach our developments holistically from start to finish, engaging in frequent and ongoing collaboration throughout the process, and our developments benefit from real-time knowledge related to costs, financing and best practices.

We have built some of the most creative and ambitious developments in the country. We always operate under the assumption that if you don’t do something special, you won’t get invited back.
William A. Witte
Chairman & CEO, Related California
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A legacy of community building

Related California has partnered with more than 30 community nonprofits and 40 municipalities to deliver transformative developments throughout the state.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Building more inclusive cities

As part of Related, it is a bedrock belief of this organization that diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are not only socially responsible, they are the foundation of a successful business.